India to London : Flutter Live 2018

Congratulations, you have won a Travel Grant to the Flutter Live

Somewhere on Northend Road
If you still haven’t watched, check out the live-stream here

My favorite parts from the keynote —

  • Square’s partnership with Flutter, yaaay to easy payments in Flutter apps
  • I’m blown away by Flare. I don’t think animations can get easier than this.
  • Desktop Embedding. I don’t want to give away the surprise here. You have to watch the keynote yourself and get blown away more.
  • And ofcourse, Hummingbird. 😍
  • I also had a small appearance in the #MyFlutterStory video, and that is obviously my favorite part too. 😋
You can see me at 2:51 secs of the video

#AskFlutter Interview

I’m still pumped about the fact that I got to be a featured guest on #AskFlutter segment of Flutter Live and had the great opportunity of being interviewed live by Wm Leler and Andrew Brogdon. Atleast 150+ viewing parties and thousands of viewers around the world saw me on Flutter Live livestream talking about my path to Flutter and my future plans. The number of congratulatory messages and mails I have received after the show is crazy.

Live on Flutter Live #AskFlutter Watch it here

Social Hour

Tim Sneath (middle) with his biggest smile. Me (from most left), Ruchika, Rohan, Pawan
Me, Nilay and Pawan

Is this how Cloud 9 feels like…

This was a dream trip for me. I knew it for months that Flutter Live is happening in London, but never did I think, that I would be part of it. The travel grant came out of nowhere, and then soon I was preparing documents for my visa in London. And here I was in London, representing India at the biggest celebration of Flutter, met my long distance community friends with whom I have been interacting with since months, and became one of the featured guests of #AskFlutter that was live-streamed to the entire world. Everything was so surreal. Everything still is.

Rohan Taneja, Pawan Kumar, Ruchika and I representing India at Flutter Live 2018
Goodies and chocolates from Estonia

Hello World, I am Pooja Bhaumik. A creative developer and a logical designer. You can find me on Linkedin or stalk me on GitHub or maybe follow me on Twitter? If that’s too social for you, just drop a mail to if you wish to talk tech with me.

Have a nice fluttery day!

All the crazy people at Flutter Live 2018



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