I’m Grateful for 2018!

Credits Pankaj Kumar Singh
  • Was super sad about not getting the Travel Grant for Grace Hopper Conference India 2018 but then the universe played its trick and got me the travel grant for Flutter Live 2018 in London.
  • So I went to London and kicked off the city from my bucket list.
  • Became a better and more confident speaker. Spoke in 2 DevFest conferences, one TEDx Design workshop, facilitated a 3 week Flutter Study Jam in Bhubaneswar, and conducted a few workshops for my own developer community.
  • Focused more on writing in Medium. Published 7+ articles on just Flutter. Most of them got 25K+ views, 2.5K+ claps and one of them was translated to Spanish by a community member for a wider reach of audience.
  • Started mentoring other developers on LinkedIn, conducted a #AskMeAnything session there and answered almost 15+ questions on placements, career, personality development, technology etc.
  • Became a part of the #AskFlutter segment in FlutterLive 2018 and my interview with Andrew Brogdon and Wm Leler got live-streamed to the entire world. Year 2018 was more about the community-wide recognition I got as a developer. See story.
  • 150+ stars on my repo, 300+ followers on GitHub, 1.3K+ on Twitter and 30K+ people following my posts on LinkedIn.
  • I got a job.

Have a great 2019, folks! 🎉🎉



SDE II in Uni Cards | Google Developer Expert @Flutter | Mentor @Mentorcruise & GoogleForStartups | Youtube & Technical Writer

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