Flutter at Google I/O 19

Snaps from the event this article was published from :D
Lets begin


So fun fact, whenever I conduct Flutter workshops for Android developers, I always have some sad faces around who do not want to write declarative UI, and have questions like —

And a company we love for it’s originality

Comes Dart 2.3

So the new features in the newest update of our Dart let’s us do this —

The all new Spread operator

Dart to the rescue!

Mutual feelings, bro

New additions to the Material package

Now usually we would require a bunch of third-party libraries/packages or lot of complex implementation with animation to achieve this but for Flutter, you will usually have it all inbuilt in the Material package. So these are the new kids in the block —

ReorderableListView, Range Slider, etc


Flutter has been doing some impactful work in its implementation so that people with disabilities can also enjoy a great experience on their apps.

Example 1

Example 2

New state management package!!

Actually, it’s not a new package, and not even written by Google. In fact, Google was writing a package called provide and then they saw the provider package written by Remi Rousselet and Google thought it’s much better, and they scrapped off their own work to support the great work done by the community.

KenKen Puzzles working on Android/iOS/Web/Desktop

What else happened?

I got an invite to Google IO 2019!!!

It was honestly a dream come true to be able to go to Google I/O 2019 and meet the people I have always admired and followed. On the Flutter side of things, I met a bunch of people from the Flutter community that I have been following since one year now and also the amazing people from the Flutter team. We also had a Flutter Party, a small get together (it’s no more small) of the team and the community over food and drinks, played fun Flutter quizzes, and had some amazing Fluttery conversations and pictures. At the end of the event, Nilay also gave us a tour of the Google campus and the Flutter office and we got a BUNCH of goodies! Check out all the pictures below!



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