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Now that I’m also on YouTube, I thought of making a video on the same topic here so now you can choose the type of content you want to consume.
You like reading? Then continue just like you usually do.
You like watching video content instead?

Since the last 6 months, I have been focused on a big migration project, where we have been migrating a production app from native to Flutter, feature by feature. Initially, I started experimenting with Android, and adding Flutter features to an existing Android application.

In this article, I will go…

This story is another recap of my talk at GDG Bhubaneswar I/O Extended 19 and was published right on stage! 😎 Snaps from the event below 👇

And a tiny guide on becoming the next Flutter GDE

Looking for the YouTube video on the Top GDE questions? Scroll to the end of the article.

There are achievements that you dream about, and there are things that just fall into your destiny without you even asking for it…

If you’re new to Flutter development then you must be cribbing about the nested structures, how hard it is to add or remove widgets from the middle of the code or how hard it is to find where one widget ends and another begins. Then, you spend your whole day…

Let’s dive into another useful widget in our implicit animations.

What? You don’t know what implicit animations are?
Did you read the
first article of this series?

Let’s talk about Opacity first

I always wanted to work with neat or crazy animations. I have worked with Android for a couple of years and I was starting to lose my love for animations, because trying to develop them in Android was a huge investment of my time.

Enter Flutter!

And I have fallen…

Hands down, the best year of my life till date.

Credits Pankaj Kumar Singh

A year back when I ended 2017, I had no idea I would be having these unique experiences in 2018. Now, not all unique experiences are great, some are just there to teach you some life lessons. …

Mails are my favorite notifications, specially when the headline says —

Congratulations, you have won a Travel Grant to the Flutter Live

After a long process of visa, I packed my bags, took my passport and left for the beautiful City of London. This was my first time out…

After I spoke at DevFest 2018 about Flutter, I have been getting plenty of requests on Linkedin and 5 messages each day. 4 of them ask this one famous question,

How do I start learning Flutter? Please help me.

After a point of time, it became tiring for me to…

Pooja Bhaumik

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